I will FOREVER be a Stydia shipper, but if Lydia decided to get with Deputy Parrish just for this season while Stalia is going on, I wouldn’t be complaining.

Deputy Parrish: *Talks about Lydia
Marrish shippers: *Have collective heart attack


Does anyone ship marrish?

Don’t tell me you believe in all that.

          I’d like to say I don’t believe in anything… but I l keep an open mind.

Don’t tell me you believe in all that.

          I’d like to say I don’t believe in anything… but I keep an open mind.

Deputy Parrish in Teen Wolf S4

before you started asking, YES, Teenwolf is my guilty pleasure. and YES, Jordan Parrish is the third character I love after Stiles and Lydia

Oliver and Felicity in the  Season 3 First-Look


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— Anonymous: Do you think that Stydia is endgame? Putting the fact that you ship them aside, do you think Jeff will have them end up together? Or do you believe that Stydia will only remain in a platonic state, never really growing past friendship?


Yeah, I do.

I think you can tell that their relationship is growing and maturing and they are getting closer. And you can tell Stiles is still protective of her and cares about her, even if he is with Malia. Plus, we’ve seen Lydia’s feelings for Stiles grow as well and we’ve seen her be worried about him and do everything she can to help him and I think this season I think we will see Lydia sort of realize that perhaps her feelings for Stiles are more than platonic.

They’ve been given such a slow burning development that I could see why people would think it’s not going anywhere, but I think that gradual shift is actually a pretty good indicator that their relationship is meant to be.