Once Upon A Time

Well, hi! It has been a long time since my last post lol
Too much fangirling, i know, can’t help it. Haha.

Anyway, let me tell you a story.
A short story about my life earlier. Before, it was kinda boring. You know, life and stuffs. Work, hang out with friends, come home, church, sleep, watching CSI or Bones or Body of Proof or whatever on Fox Crime. That was my life before. Struggling with my imagination and hope that my ex-boyfriend slash my best friend, Antoni will come back soon. But nah. He will come back when the right time comes. Yeah, you know I’ve been struggling with this feeling for one year, one and half a year, I guess? Doesn’t matter anyway. What matter is, I continue my life. And I am glad I did. Haha.
Something happened four days before my birthday. Something that change my life one hundred and eighty degree. Wow. Hahaha.

Okay, that was a little thing about me.
See you later!

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Lol this is cute

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— Anonymous: Is anyone wondering what Diggles reaction will be to Oliver and Felicity going on a date...Felicity getting hurt....Ray Palmer? I hope they don't glaze over it.



Something tells me that Diggle will be just fine with these idiots finally getting together. He might give Oliver the “talk” because Diggle is the adorable older brother. 

I hope they don’t glaze over it either bb! I’m putting my FULL trust in the writers this season. I’m literally EXCITED for EVERYBODY’S story arc!


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John Diggle, part-time marriage counselor since 2013.

Diggle. He’s always so sensitive with her surroundings. What happened between people, he always knows. I am glad Oliver has someone mature like him who can catch up with his personality and be patient with Oliver, also can understand the feelings of the vulnerable Felicity

Stydia in 4x06

and when he said….

"Felicity, you will always be my girl.."

I was screaming and giggling all the time because of that. He got the charm, God bless him because his smile caught my heart HAHAHAAH

my edits for my Stiles’ roleplay account on facebook. one cover photo, and one profile picture. The textures I used are not mine. Credits for the owner. I found it on deviantart.com. Photos are from google.

Parrish checking to see if his girlfriend lydia is okay


I will FOREVER be a Stydia shipper, but if Lydia decided to get with Deputy Parrish just for this season while Stalia is going on, I wouldn’t be complaining.

Deputy Parrish: *Talks about Lydia
Marrish shippers: *Have collective heart attack